Insurance Process

This section outlines the insurance process for players who obtain and injury while playing for the club.
See below links to the Injury Claims form which you, the player, will need to fill out and return the Club Secretary within 14 days of your injury. It is the responsibility of the injured player to fill Pg 1 & 2 of this claim form out within 14 days of your injury to ensure successful notification of your claim.

If you are injured in a match please inform the manager of the team so as they can make the referee aware of the injury so as this is included in the referee's match report.

If you are injured in training inform the manager of the team & the club secretary or treasurer. 

Print off the form below and fill out pages 1 & 2, sign and return to club secretary who will then sign and send to Willis Insurance. Claim forms must be with Willis Insurance 60 days after the date of the injury. If a claim is notified after this time Willis will NOT process the claim.

It is the players responsibility to fill out forms and return to club secretary.